The largest CAS provider in Russia and CIS countries
Cifra is a Russian software integrator and a major equipment supplier specializing in creating and implementing the latest technologies in the field of digital television, content protection, multimedia services and applications, and the organization of turn-key digital broadcasting. As the copyright holder of Conditional Access System DRECrypt (CAS DRECrypt), the company occupies a leading position on the market of TV content control systems and protection of content from unauthorized access.
Company History
Cifra LLC integrator company was established specializing in the development and implementation of the latest technologies for digital television, content protection, multimedia services and applications.
The first version of the Conditional Access System DRECrypt was installed in the rapidly developing Tricolor TV satellite service operator.
The second generation of CAS was implemented in the Tricolor TV network.
The first EPG (electronic program guide) version was developed and implemented; it is currently available in its 5th generation. In the same year, the following additional services were developed and put into commercial operation: TV mail and TV chat (exchanging emails and messages on the TV screen without using the Internet), Infocas (compulsory customer notification), OTA (the software on customer terminals is updated over the air).
CAS was adapted to work with digital TV cable networks. The first CAS was installed in a cable services provider. Together with General Satellite, the company developed SD and HD standard digital cable boxes. A twenty-four hour customer support service was launched.
The next generation CAS was developed and implemented; it used unique additional encoding technologies for ensuring complete protection from unauthorized access.
A multimedia platform for advertising services was developed and launched; service providers could now show advertising videos/banners without interrupting TV programs.
Together with General Satellite, the company developed and implemented a new service for Tricolor TV – “Cinema” turning a TV-set into a real home cinema with popular foreign and domestic movies. CAS DRECrypt successfully passed security audits conducted by an independent company – a leader in television security. It was certified for the protection of content produced by studios world-wide.
The ability to arrange a cloud connection (Remote CAS) was launched through a secure VPN channel between the CAS and the main equipment of service providers. Therefore, all the functionality and advantages of the local CAS remained the same, and there were no costs for the purchase, installation and maintenance of CAS hardware.

The subscriber base of satellite TV service providers using CAS DRECrypt exceeded 11,000,000 households;

The subscriber base of cable TV service providers using CAS DRECrypt exceeded 1,100,000 households;

The subscriber base of terrestrial service providers using CAS DRECrypt exceeded 500,000 households;

A new generation of CAS supporting card-free solutions was developed. An updated EPG server was created that made it possible to show advertising banners at the same time as broadcasting a program schedule, offering service providers additional opportunities for commercialization; a hybrid STB DVB-C/IP/OTT box on the StingrayTV software platform with HEVC support was developed; the geography of service providers using domestic CAS systems was expanded – a contract with two service providers from Kazakhstan was concluded.

The model range of HD boxes with integrated DRECrypt system was supplemented with two new models: HD Ultracompact 8911 and HD 8921 in a metal case.

A new IPTV box branded General Satellite GS H5912 was developed and marketed to Internet service providers and OTT service providers.

A new product was presented: a CAS DRECrypt monitoring and managing system that has already proved its success among cable TV service providers.

A DMS service (Digital Monetization System) was launched – this platform extends the capabilities of all customer devices.

The II Industrial Conference of Cable Communications Providers titled “Services and Equipment for Increasing the Profitability of Providers’ Businesses. Efficient Operation” was held; it was attended by customers, the company’s partners and members of the media.

The geography of customers using CAS DRECrypt was expanded: contracts with two service providers from Uzbekistan and one service provider from Armenia were concluded.